canoeYou are a leader.
You have a bias for action.
Other people say you are successful.
And you know that more is possible.

You are being called to transcend comfort.
To access more power.
To lead with deeper purpose.
And to create greater impact in the world.

How I Will Coach You

The men and women I coach are business owners, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, NGO founders, artists, musicians and sole-proprietor’s – resourceful creators on missions to make a difference in the world.

One of my clients calls me his Leadership Coach, another calls me her Executive Coach and yet another calls me his Secret Weapon.

If you become my client, I will call you my Hero.

Structurally, my coaching consists of deep and powerful conversations, a committed and intimate relationship and training in the art of self-knowing. Depending on the program, it may also include team support with other leaders or real-life adventures – I sometimes take clients into foreign cities, up mountains, down rivers and below the surface of the earth.

More importantly…

My job is to serve you, not please you.

Where the Magic HappensI will tell you the truth. There is power in honesty. And I am very honest. I will say things to you that your closest friends are too scared to say. This will make you uncomfortable, but you are bored with comfort. You want to grow.

I will not let you disempower yourself with bullshit stories. I will offer you new perspectives that allow you to see your world differently, giving you new choices. With new choices, you will be empowered to transform who you are, lead more powerfully and have greater impact in the world.

I will challenge you with intensity. At times this will be subtle and gentle and at other times it may appear as anger, but you will know it to be love. One of my clients refers to her being challenged by me as “facing the flame thrower”.  

My coaching is not for the faint of heart.

What You Will Invest

My clients are resourceful, know the power of commitment and understand the importance of creating ROI.

Fees for my group coaching are USD $5,000 for apprentices and $10,000 for leaders. The fee for my private coaching is USD $100,000.

Your investment is 100% non-refundable and is paid in full in advance. I use no written contracts as my client’s word is more powerful than any document.

Beyond money, you will also invest your time, your focus and your courage.

Know this – your investment will be substantial and the results you create will be exponential.

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