Being a Business Man – Alpha Omega Male 4/4

The role of business man needs an upgrade. Even writing the words ‘business man’ feels almost like I’m cursing. I should be writing ‘business person’, right?

While I do feel more so a business ‘person’ than a business ‘man’, I do think it is important for men to acknowledge and be aware of their role in business specifically from the perspective of their gender. In the same way the white man is born into a responsibility of compassion for the ill-doings of his race, the onus is on men to evolve a way of being that honors rather than oppresses women.

Business is a perfect context for this work.

Developing a nuanced and integral way of being as a male business leader – one that includes the noble and powerful aspects of the Alpha – while at the same time transcending this to also include the polar opposite way of being, which I call Omega, not only gives men in business more ability to create impact and lead, but it creates a world in which women and men are honored equally.

If you are a man in business, do you see how you could have even more power and impact as a leader while also creating a more fair and equitable environment across gender?