Being a Husband – Alpha Omega Male 3/4

For my wife and I, some aspects of me being alpha work well for us in creating attraction. When I ‘take the lead’ in certain things, she appreciates it and relaxes. There are other places though where her leading works better for us, both pragmatically and also in creating a healthy attraction between us. For example, I often love when she makes decisions and tells me exactly what to do in taking care of our son.

I have never liked the idea that the role of alpha is always being played by one person in a relationship at any particular time, as if the ‘alpha baton’ is either being held or passed back and forth. The latter certainly seems more equitable, but it is still rudimentary. It has us be too much like animals and not enough human.

Better for me is that we each embody the full breadth of both alpha and omega aspects at all times, thus noticing what would most serve the other moment by moment.

If you are a guy in a relationship, do you see how being an Alpha Omega Male might add more love and attraction than simply being an alpha male might?