You Don’t Need a Coach

I operate under the belief that nobody needs a coach.

At the same time, I use a lot of tools for self development and self coaching as well as having my own coaches, teachers and mentors.

There can be neediness and codependence in the coaching dynamic which does not serve either party, so this is certainly something to watch out for.

For me, coaching is much more than a friendship – a coach is there to serve, not to please.


Should Your Work Be Your Passion?

Do you find yourself wondering whether your work should be your passion?

The best business ideas come from following what you are most passionate about but what you are passionate about doesn’t have to bring you money.

Being true to yourself is where true fulfilment comes from.



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You’re Not Good Enough

It’s true.

You’re not good enough.

You can never be good enough because it’s not about you. Take a break from the ego trip and let inspiration come through you. Whatever this is does not belong to you, it is what you are being asked to give to the world.

It’s impossible to feel anxiety when you are focused only on giving.

Are you willing, for this moment, only to give?



Purpose is Created, Not Found

Many people ask me how they can discover their purpose in life or how they can live with greater passion.

The truth is that purpose is created by choosing what you love.

As you change your outer circumstances in pursuance of what you feel passionate about, you are growing and developing internally. Thus your true purpose emerges as a result of the action you take.

Passion is grown not discovered; purpose is created not found.

How to Find Speaker Opportunities – Coaching Jude

I like the idea that a vision is not a place to get TO, but a place to come FROM.
In this short clip of a coaching conversation I had with Jude, she tells me how she wants to be doing more public talks. Certainly one could explore all the different strategies to creating such an outcome. What I typically find though is that ‘strategy’ and ‘how to’ are typically NOT the thing people are missing. What people are missing is a willingness to simply DO THE THING in their vision right now. With Jude, that meant that if she wanted to be doing more public talks, the thing to do was TALK…right now.
What to talk about?
Talk about doing talks.
Speak about speaking.
This seems obvious, but most people spend their time trying to do everything BUT the thing in their vision in order to get to their vision. To come FROM a vision, fill your days with that vision – fill every day with that vision.
If you want to be a speaker, then speak every day. Speak about speaking. Do it enough and you will end up on stages speaking to more and more people.
If you want to be a massage therapist, massage people.
If you want to be a coach, coach people.
If you want to run a business, then figure out what the thing you want to do in that business is and start doing it…right now.
Watch me create this insight with Jude here:



And then ask yourself: If my vision were a place I came FROM, what would I be doing?


Explore the Unknown – Your Path to a More Passionate Life

In this one hour talk I share an updated perspective on how to find your purpose and follow your passion in life.

It’s a follow up to my 2011 talk How to Live a Passionate Life, which has over 60K views on YouTube.

Recorded live at Interesting Talks London in July 2012.

Listen to or download the full-length version here:

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