You are a creator.

You report to nobody. You are self-reliant. And you know the power of outside perspective.

You have what some may consider an obsessive commitment to excellence, achievement and success. You aspire to be the best in all that you do. You put in the work required to generate exceptional results and reach elite levels.

At the same time, there are places where you know more is possible…

  • Some things trouble you that you wish wouldn’t
  • You manage stress well, but at times feel overwhelmed
  • You are decisive, but in some cases you feel unsure
  • Some situations make you frustrated or even angry
  • Certain relationships, personal or professional, leave much to be desired
  • You want more depth, intimacy and love in your life
  • You want to keep creating success but without validation seeking
  • You want to not be driven by a fear of not having (or being) enough
  • You know you have even more potential, but you’re aren’t sure how to access it
  • You want to realize a greater possibility for your life – to create a genuine leap

Not only that, but also…

You are at a point in life where you are ready to turn your power for conquering inward. Self-reflection and personal growth are already a part of your life. You learn from many sources. You apply what you learn. And you’re ready for help in creating even more leverage. Deeper work. More focused work. More committed work.

You have a sense that so much more joy is possible, that more peace is possible, that an even happier experience of is life possible. And you want all of this without sacrificing any productivity. In fact, on some level you know that as you conquer your mind and master your heart, your productivity will actually increase.

Finally, you do not waste time. You know time is precious – the one asset we cannot create more of. You are discerning and invest only in opportunities that will generate incredible value.

This is where I come in:

I am the leverage you need.

Our first conversation will demonstrate that who I AM is the greatest source of my value to you.

My life is evidence of my efficacy. For the last 20 years I have been obsessed with the work of self-mastery. Health, intimacy, family, relationships, business, money – every area of my life serves as a context for my personal growth.

My clients are CEO’s, Founders, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Artists and Musicians – creators from every industry who all tell me the primary value I provide is my having ‘walked the path’. There is not a single thing I ask my clients to do that I have not already done myself and gotten results with.

My background with music and as successful entrepreneur serves merely as a convenience for our common language as Creators. It is more so my experience in computational physics, martial arts, world travels, performance magic and spirituality that lends the true power to my coaching you. (You can read more about me and my personal history here.)

In its essence, our work is in upgrading the operating system of your mind. In an ongoing dance of dialogue, we uncover how you see the world and then create new ways of seeing that produce a more enlightened, more fulfilling and more powerful state of being.

You will develop a radical integrity between your heart, mind, words and actions, producing new and significant impact in all areas of your life. You will achieve distinct and invisible advantages so noteworthy that others will be compelled to tell you about them.

Our work will generate all forms of profit in your life.

If this speaks to you, we should talk.

Before you reach out, please know that most people are NOT up for this kind of work. My coaching is for people with the fortitude to confront where they are their own obstacle and who have the discipline to be consistent with work that produces real results.

My initial inquiry will be into whether you are willing (i.e. obsessed or crazy) enough for the kind of depth and commitment that can change you in ways more profound than most would dream possible.

If you are up for this, then together we can create some remarkable magic.

Email me at so that we can schedule a time to speak.

Serious inquiries only please.

אברא כדברא

Loving you.

JP 🙏🏼❤

Coaching Agreements

Please know that while I do not work for money and I am paid for access to committed time with me.

You will make a substantial upfront financial investment and no refunds will be available. This structure is foundational to our relationship; once you’re in, you’re in. When things get challenging, the only way out is up (i.e. your growth).

Your return on investment is incalculable. Our work is priceless.

MBA (Masters in Being Awesome): $150,000

  • 144 hours (2 years of 3×2 hours monthly sessions)
  • Your Masters in Being Awesome is a deep study and practice in the mastery of creating yourself and your world. Equivalent to a Harvard MBA only in it’s length and fee, your growth will be deeper and more profound.

New Future: $88,000

  • 72 hours (1 year of 3×2 hours monthly sessions)
  • We generate an entirely new world both within and around you. Your life and future will be radically different by the end of our year together.

New You: $37,000

  • 24 hours (6 months of 2×2 hours monthly sessions)
  • We create a new version of YOU by getting in touch with who you really are and creating an empowered state of being in radical integrity with this.

Clarity Bridge: $20,000

  • 12 hours (6 months of 1×2 hours monthly sessions)
  • Regular support to help you remain clear about who you are and what you are truly capable of. Typically for past clients between more in-depth agreements.

Creators Circle: $10,000

  • Group of 13 people (including JP)
  • 72 hours (12 months of 3×2 hours monthly sessions)
  • Distinct from my private coaching, this is a facilitated journey for a group of 13 individuals, including myself. You will learn from being coached by me directly, from watching others be coached, from peer-to-peer support and from my in-depth sharing of my own life and business. As with my 1-1 coaching agreements, an exceptional amount of self-work and self-study is required to access the full value. Ideal for coaches as well as entrepreneurs and artists. Many group clients later become private clients.

Turning Point Intensive: $6,000

  • 6 hours (1 day)
  • A one-to-one and face-to-face all day intensive at my Creating Studio in Santa Monica, CA. We begin at 9am and finish at 4pm, including an hour’s ‘break’ for lunch at a nearby restaurant. Throughout this one full day, we create multiple new ways of seeing and being that gives you access to a whole new identity and destiny. One full day of creating together will give you priceless access to ways of seeing that you can use in your self-mastery going forward. Many existing clients add intensives to their ongoing coaching agreements.

Threshold Experience: $2,000

  • 2 hours
  • For those interested to experience my coaching before or without a formal coaching agreement.
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