My next year-long Apprenticeship is for six established coaches and begins in June 2017.

Note that I keep an active waiting list and spaces fill months in advance. If you are curious to explore working together, contact me now.

Do you want to create inspiring clients and be paid well for it?

Apprenticeship is a year-long journey for those in the transformation business who want to create inspiring clients and financial prosperity without any ‘marketing’ or ‘selling’.

Our mission is to grow your business through deepening the impact of your work.
The more you impact people’s lives, the more value you have to them.

We will create your service as more powerful and thus more valuable and we will do this by creating you into a more powerful human Being.

This Apprenticeship is NOT about you ‘convincing’ people to work with you or give you money.

This Apprenticeship is about becoming someone who impacts people so deeply that they want to work with you. You will spend time with people and they will be genuinely happy to pay you.

Why Should I Apprentice With You?

The fact that I’ve built multiple successful businesses, that I’ve been doing this work for seven years and that I create multiple six figures each year through it should NOT be a reason for you to apprentice with me. I realise these kinds of things can be a clue that someone may be able to help you grow your business, but the truth is – an individual person’s results means very little to what they can actually help YOU create.

The only way to know if I can help you create what you want in your business – the only way to know if apprenticing with me is right for you – is to have a personal experience of the impact of our creating together.  If Apprenticeship is of interest to you, I recommend you reach out to me to find out first hand how you and your business will grow with my support.

What Will Be Different After Apprenticeship?

  • You will Be more comfortable talking about money and fees
  • You will Be more honest with people (even if you think you’re already being honest)
  • You will Be more self-expressed in your own unique way of serving
  • You will Be more impactful
  • You will Be more aware of what is true for you
  • You will Be someone who speaks their deepest truths
  • You will Be someone who creates what they speak

What Will I Learn?

I am not your teacher. I am your partner in creation of You and Your Business. I will show you the gap between who you be and who you really are. As we work together, you will close that gap, you will access more power and you will be more impactful.

I will not teach you to ‘sell’ or to ‘convince’ people to give you money. I will not teach you ‘marketing’ or ‘personal branding’. I have no tricks, no gimmicks and no strategies for you to learn. I do not even have a ‘method’ other than to serve people deeply and show them ways to pay you. In fact, even now in my seventh year with this work, I spend more than 2/3 of my time serving people for free.

Your particular approach to creating clients will emerge as a result of your transformed way of BEING and your experimental ACTION throughout our time together.

Our mission during this Apprenticeship is two-fold:

  1. You give your greatest gifts to people by making your service more impactful.  We achieve this by creating you as more true and more powerful.
  2. You receive your greatest rewards by opening to the inward flow of money. We achieve this by creating you as willing to stand for what you desire and being welcoming of receiving it.

Do You Guarantee I’ll Make More Money?

No. I do not guarantee you any results. I don’t even measure my success through just external results. In fact, my primary outcome is that by the end of our Apprenticeship, you will Be more of who you really AreI know that when you are being that, whatever you desire in your life and in your business, will be created.

I will make guarantees to you, but they will be in the form of agreements around my support and my actions. I will also be requiring you to make similar agreements with me.

Who is This For?

  • You are a committed to this work. This means you are not just doing a bit of it ‘on the side’. You might have another job or business, but this business is in the focus of your creative energy.
  • You already have paying clients. You don’t need to be earning any particular income, but you are serving people and bringing in money.
  • You are committed to creating partners through service. You are happy to ‘go first’ and give your time away to people for free.
  • You welcome the idea of making a lot of money. You are ready to replace a scarcity mindset with an abundance mindset.
  • You are ready to get uncomfortable. You are ready to develop the ability to impact people deeply by going deep yourself.

How Does it Work

You will be a member of a group of six apprentices – all established coaches focused on creating a thriving and prosperous business.

A common thread through all apprentices is always a deep commitment to growing their business by developing their own ability to impact people authentically and powerfully. They are all intent on creating clients through service and being on the journey of self-growth themselves.

Beyond the work we do in conversation, Apprenticeship also includes mentoring. This mentoring is NOT the kind of ‘teaching’ that happens in schools where ‘information’ is given to you. I have no curriculum to impart to you.

Instead mentoring is the drawing out of insight from your experiences and the experiences of others. You will learn just as much (and likely even more) about creating clients from watching me work with the other apprentices as you do from working with me directly.

Since you and other apprentices are not only on the same inner journey, but the same outer journey of building your business, you will also be a link in a ‘chain of accountability’. You will both provide and receive support to and from other each other.

Our Mission is to grow your business through having you be YOU:

More authenticity -> More power -> More impact -> More clients -> More income

What’s Included?

  • 2×2 hour video conference coaching calls every month for twelve months
  • Sessions may recorded in both video & audio format to listen and watch back over and over again
  • Support in crafting the actual language you use in communicating with clients and potential clients, via email and in person
  • Collaboration via a private online portal accessible from a smart phone app
  • Potential partners become ‘case studies’ where we support you in creating them
  • Scheduled ‘Self Reliance’ periods where you reach out to nobody for support and reconnect with your resourcesfullness
  • One buddy coaching session received from another apprentice each month
  • One buddy coaching session provided to another apprentice each month

What’s the Investment?

Financial investment for my year-long Apprenticeship is currently US$15,000.

Your investment is 100% non-refundable. We use no written contracts as our word is more powerful than any document.

Beyond investing money, you will invest your time, your focus and your courage.

We may not be a fit for Apprenticeship. My work is not for everyone.

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