What We Do

Your life and work – everything you create – unfolds from the dance between you and the world.

The more aligned you are between who you Be and who you actually Are, the easier life is, the happier you are and the more power you have to create what you want.

What you create in the world is not the measure of your success, but it is the medium for your inner growth. While we focus on your life and work, our primary result is You.

Our mission is to close the gap between who you Be and the truth of who you Are.

We create this through increasing coherence between the depth of your self (much deeper than you are aware), your thoughts, what you speak and your actions. When there is total coherence amongst these four domains, you have accessed the most powerful version of yourself.

Accessing this raw power means more impact, more contribution, more love, more health, more success – more of everything you deem good.

As the most powerful version of yourself, you give your greatest gifts and you receive your highest rewards.

How it Works

I ask you questions and I listen to you more deeply than anyone else probably ever has or ever will.

Through your speaking, moment by moment, your entire world is revealed to me. I see things nobody else can see and, with reserved intervention, I share what I see with you so that you can come to know yourself more intimately.

Some of these things are genuinely hidden from you and others you could see, but simply do not want to. I challenge you. I tell you the truth. There is power in honesty and I am very honest. I say things to you that your employees, other partners and even your closest friends are too scared to say.

Through our present, deep, honest and challenging dialogue, we create you as a more powerful human being and the champion of your life.

Who I Partner With

There is no specific profile for who I work with. However, most my Creative Partners have been a resourceful leader or creator in some capacity (i.e. a business owner, C-level executive, entrepreneur, non-profit founder/director, artist, actor or musician.

What is most important to me is the following:

  • You highly value commitment, truth and growth
  • You are called by the idea that your life can be easy, loving and prosperous
  • You are willing to get vulnerable in exploring yourself and your world

CLICK HERE to meet some of the remarkable individuals I have recently created with.

What Partnerships Look Like

A Creative Partnership is a committed and intimate relationship, taking place over six months to two years.

Throughout the duration of our partnership, we are together for two hours 2-3 times per month either virtually via videoconference or in-person at my studio in Santa Monica, CA.

Being in dialoge together over time enables us to continuously dive deeper, accumulate insight and generate exponential growth.

This is NOT advice consulting.

Although I have diverse experience in business and the arts, our Creative Partnership is not founded on ‘knowledge transfer’ or ‘advice giving’.

You are a superior expert in the work that you do. My job is not to ‘teach’ you anything.

Instead, my job is to serve you in the work of creating yourself as a more empowered and enlightened human being.

What You Will Invest

I do not charge money to speak with people, but I am paid for Creative Partnerships.

You are resourceful, know the power of commitment and understand the importance of ROI.

Fees for Creative Partnerships range from $15,000 – $150,000 or more depending on program and commitment.

The size of your investment is a reflection of both your commitment and the caliber of who I am and what I can do. If you want a bargain, there are many other people who will offer you less impactful service for less money.

Your investment with me is 100% non-refundable and is paid in full in advance. We use no written contracts as our word is more powerful than any document.

We may not be a fit for partnership. My approach is not for everyone.

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