What We Do

Our Mission is YOU

Your life and work – everything you experience and create – unfolds from the dance between your will and the world.

The more ‘aligned’ you are between who you Be and who you actually Are, the more power you have in asserting your will.

The more powerfully you assert your will, the greater what you create is a reflection of your capacity.


“This world is a will to power – and nothing besides.
And you yourself are the will to power – and nothing besides.”
– Friedrich Nietzsche


What you create in the world is not the measure of your power, but it is the medium for our work. While we focus on your life and business, our primary result is actually who you Be.

Our mission is to close the gap between who you Be and who you really Are.

We create this through elevating you to total coherence between the depth of your self (much deeper than you are consciously aware), your thoughts, the words you speak and your actions. When there is total alignment amongst these four points, you are being the most powerful version of yourself.


“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
– Mahatma Ghandi


More power means more impact, more contribution, more love, more health, more success – more of everything you deem good.

As the most powerful version of yourself, you give your greatest gifts and you receive your highest rewards.

How we Close the Gap

AlchemyOur work is alchemy.

There are three elements to the alchemical process.

The Containment is the deep trust we create through our mutual presence, vulnerablity and agreements. This trust has you willing to be open and honest on a whole new level.

The Ingredients are the content of your personal life and business. The domain in which we work can be broken into three categories:

  • That of which you are aware and acknowledge
  • That of which you are aware and avoid
  • That of which you are not consciously aware

The Heat is the intensity of our dialogue. Sometimes the things we most want are in the places we most fear to go. You will go places you have never gone before. After all…

My job is to serve you, not please you.

I will listen to you deeply. I will show you things you cannot see and things you do not want to see. I will challenge you. I will tell you the truth. There is power in honesty and I am very honest. I will say things to you that your employees, other partners and even your closest friends are too scared to say.

Through our deep, honest and challenging dialogue, we create you as a fully aligned leader and more powerful human being.

This is our alchemy. This is how we create gold in You and Your World.

In fact, we both leverage each other in creating greater impact in the world. To learn how you give me leverage, read about my vision and mission.

Who I Partner With

The women and men I partner with are business owners, C-level executives, entrepreneurs, non-profit founders, artists and musicians – resourceful leaders on missions to make a more beautiful world.

To be considered for Creative Partnership:

You have either created – or are working on creating – a structure that serves humanity (i.e. a business, charitable organisation, political constituency, artistic following, etc)

You are driven by love to create a kinder and more beautiful world

You are willing to explore the gap between you who Be and who you Are to create a more aligned, powerful and impactful self

CLICK HERE to meet some of the leaders I have recently created with.

What Partnerships Look Like

A Creative Partnership is a committed and intimate relationship, taking place over a year or more, and which is focused on you creating your vision in the world through creating yourself as a more powerful leader.

Being in dialoge together over time is how we close the gap between who you Be and who you Are and, as an inevitable result, increase your impact in the world.

Depending on our agreement, our work may also include group support or real-life adventures – I sometimes take Creative Partners up mountains, down rivers and into foreign cities.

This is NOT Advice Consulting

Although I have diverse experience in business and the arts, and despite that these are both passions of mine, our Creative Partnership is not founded on ‘knowledge transfer’ or ‘advice giving’.

Most of the leaders I partner with are far superior experts in the work that they do. My job is not to ‘teach’ you anything. Instead, my job is to serve you in the work of creating yourself as a more empowered and enlightened human being.

Private Creative Partnership


“It’s lonely at the top.”


Typically, private Creative Partnerships are with leaders running an established organisation. These leaders are surrounded by people, although their day to day dialogue is mostly asymmetric. They are challenging others more than being challenged themselves.

They listen, but have few opportunities to be listened to.

Instrumentally, our one-to-one partnership provides you with a trusting dynamic for powerful, challenging dialogue and candid, confidential support.

Small Group Creative Partnership

Small group Creative Partnerships include six people and occur over a period of one year. Typical partners are established entrepreneurs who find support not only in our work, but also in the comradery of others focused on growth and creation.

Small group Creative Partnership provides a sense of teamwork during what can often feel like a lonely journey.

Learn more about small groups here:

What You Will Invest

I do not charge money to speak with people.

In fact, I spend the great majority of my time in one-off, life-(and business)-changing conversations with leaders and entrepreneurs who invest only their time, focus and courage.

Considerable financial investment is required for the small number of Creative Partnerships I engage in each year. The leaders I partner with are resourceful, know the power of commitment and understand the importance of ROI.

Fees for private Creative Partnerships typically range from $75,000 – $150,000 or more depending on location and commitment. The fee for small group Creative Partnerships is $15,000.

Your investment is 100% non-refundable and is paid in full in advance. We use no written contracts as our word is more powerful than any document.

Beyond investing money, you will invest your time, your focus and your courage.

We may not be a fit for partnership. My approach is not for everyone.


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