My next small group of Creative Partnerships – CREATORS SYNDICATE – begins in summer 2018, is for just six entrepreneurs and requires a commitment of courage, twelve months and US$15,000.

Our Mission

The mission of our year-long partnership is to develop you into a powerful CREATOR.

By this I mean to have you be someone who expresses their will boldly and authentically. As a CREATOR, it is your BEING that generates your experience of life – as well as the actual tangible business and personal results that you desire.

Throughout our journey together you will become someone who literally CREATES your world on the inside and out.

More truth -> More power -> More impact -> More success

This group is NOT about you being ‘happy’ or ‘fulfilled’ – although that is a benefit of Being who you Are.

This group is for entrepreneurs who want to grow their business success through growing who you be.

Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey, our deep, personal and intimate work will challenge you and expose you to entirely new possibilities.

You will discover a world that has been waiting in parallel to the one you’ve always known. A world where success is created through thriving instead of striving. Where financial prosperity is created with ease instead of struggle.

Our work is to develop you into a creator of your entire reality – that is in both how you see the world (a subjective sense) as well as the actual physical world (in an objective sense).

Throughout the CREATORS SYNDICATE everything around you will change.

What will be different after?

  • You will Be more aware of what is true for you
  • You will Be more honest (even if you think you’re already being honest)
  • You will Be more self-expressed in your own unique way
  • You will Be more service-oriented in all of your relationships
  • You will Be more powerful & impactful everywhere
  • You will Be someone who creates what you speak
  • You will Be someone who produces fearlessness within themselves
  • You will Be someone who creates and lives with ease

What will I learn?

I am not your teacher. I am your partner in creation of You and Your Business. I will show you the gap between who you Be and who you really Are. As we work together, you will close that gap, you will access more power and you will be more impactful.

I will not teach you to ‘sell’ or to ‘convince’ people to give you or your business money. I will not teach you ‘business strategy’, ‘marketing’ or ‘personal branding’. I have no tricks, no gimmicks and no techniques for you to learn. I do not even have a ‘method’ other than to serve and impact people deeply through powerful personal leadership.

Your particular approach to LIFE and BUSINESS will emerge as a result of your experimental ACTION and your transformed way of BEING which occurs during our time together.

More specifically, during our Creative Partnership we will work to:

  • Discover yourself more deeply through looking at things you’d rather avoid
  • Speed up your results by slowing down your actions
  • Close the gap between who you Be and who you Are
  • Have you transcend your present identity and sense of self
  • Develop your ability to conceptualise and embrace paradox and non-duality
  • Discover the courage to travel the paths of greatest and least resistance
  • Access multiple means to fearlessness (ally with shadow, higher purpose, other-orientation, etc)
  • Have you impact and influence others through an honest and loving way of being

Do you guarantee I’ll make more money?

No. I do not guarantee you any results. I am not a results guy in the external sense. I am interested only in the result of how YOU develop. In fact, I only care about ONE outcome:

By the end of CREATORS SYNDICATE you will BE more of who you really ARE.

I know that when you achieve this, whatever you desire – in your business and in your life – will be created.

I will be making guarantees to you in the form of agreements around my specific support and my actions. I will also require you to make similar agreements with me.

Who is This For?

You are a new or seasoned entrepreneur who is committed to creating a business, organisation or sole-proprietorship that serves the world in some way.

You are committed to creating through service. You are happy to ‘go first’ and give to people before receiving from them.

You welcome the idea of making a lot of money, but you are not attached to it. You are ready to replace a scarcity mindset (‘what I don’t have that would help me‘) with a capacity mindset (‘what I do have that I can help others with’).

You are ready for discomfort. You are ready to create invulnerability through being truly vulnerable. You are ready to have uncomfortable conversations with people.

Can I join if I’m a ‘coach’?

If coaching is your primary business focus, then you will be more served by my year-long apprenticeship for coaches. Contact me if you would like to be added to the waiting list.

Why a group as opposed to 1-1?

Initially, I began creating small groups to make my Creative Partnerships more accessible to people without the resources available for a private partnership. Investment in CREATORS SYNDICATE is a small fraction of the fee of my private partnership.

Within a couple of years, it became obvious that – for certain individuals – the value of working in an intimate group of others at a similar stage and on a similar mission far exceeded the work we would otherwise do one-to-one. For people who join my groups, they find the work we do together is multiplied dramatically through:

  • Collaborative Support
  • Multiple Perspectives
  • Shared Vulnerabilty
  • Not Feeling ‘Alone’
  • Structure & Focus
  • Motivation & Momentum
  • Mutual Accountability

Why is this group called ‘CREATORS SYNDICATE’?

A ‘syndicate’ is people joined together under a common purpose.  Our common purpose is creating professional success through being who we really are. When we achieve this, we are no longer ‘striving’ for success against the resistance of our true essence. Instead we are thriving as creators.

How Does it Work?

You will be a member of a group of six committed entrepreneurs, all focused on developing a thriving business through developing themselves. Members will be at different stages in their businesses, from just starting out to being a seasoned business owner.

Our ongoing dialogue will have you constantly challenged and seeing the world in new ways over and over again. You will also gain as much (and likely even more) from watching me work with other members of CREATORS SYNDICATE as you do from working with me directly.

You will also be a link in a ‘chain of accountability’. You will both provide and receive support to and from other Creative Partners on a monthly basis.

What specifically is included?

  • Two sessions every month for twelve months where I support you 1-1 in a group setting
  • Sessions may be recorded to listen to over and over again
  • Monthly reading assignments. You will receive 12 print books over the course of our year together.
  • Bespoke exercises, practices and challenges for you to do in your life
  • Private online collaboration portal accessible via browser or smart phone app
  • Support by myself and other CREATORS SYNDICATE members via our online portal
  • Weekly ‘self-reflection’ questions to answer and share with the syndicate
  • Scheduled ‘Self Reliance’ periods where you  practice looking only within
  • One buddy support session received from another syndicate member each month
  • One buddy support session provided to another syndicate member each month

What is the financial investment?

Partnership in CREATORS SYNDICATE is $15,000 for the entire year. 

Your investment is 100% non-refundable. We use no written contracts as our word is more powerful than any document.

Beyond investing money, you will invest your time, your focus and your courage.

We may not be a fit for Creative Partnership. My work is not for everyone.

Why should I partner with JP Morgan?

Let me start by listing the reasons you might ‘think’ to partner with me:

  • I’ve built multiple successful businesses that have personally made me several hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in three very different industries (real estate, web media, personal development)
  • I’ve been professionally supporting others to be successful CREATORS for seven years and have helped numerous entrepreneurs create some amazing things (see below)
  • As we all do, I began living my dreams as a kid, but different from most, I never stopped. At 37 years old, I am very grateful and lucky to have lived many lifetimes of experience
  • I’ve be been invited to share my insights on television, radio and the TEDx stage numerous times
  • My approach at leadership was studied by psychology and business researchers at Cambridge University

Now let me tell you why all of the above should NOT be a reason for you to partner with me. I realise these kinds of things can be a clue that someone may be able to help you, but the truth is:

An individual person’s results means very little to what they can actually help YOU to create!

The only way to know if I can help you create what you want in your business and life – the only way to know if Creative Partnertship with me is right for you – is to have a personal experience of the impact of being in conversation with me.

What have your previous Creative Partners created in the world?

Some recent examples include…

  • A brick & mortar school for startups and entrepreneurs
  • Software company democratising education at world’s top universities
  • Network of startup hubs in developing countries
  • Transformation of multiple corporate careers into independent consultancies
  • Popular cafe business in a competitive area
  • High-earning photography business
  • Leading self-defense and martial arts school
  • Thriving web media company
  • Expanding magazine & events company
  • Global corporate training company
  • Marketing agency
  • Globally recognized Blockchain company

IMPORTANT: All off the above is SECONDARY. I share it with you only to demonstrate that external results ARE part of what happens when we focus on your INNER development.

What have your previous Creative Partners created for themselves?

  • More freedom to live life on their terms
  • More time to travel and be with family and friends
  • More financial prosperity
  • More loving relationships
  • More peace, ease and flow in their work
  • A greater sense of being who they really are

If CREATORS SYNDICATE is of interest to you, I recommend you reach out to me to experience first-hand how you, your life and your business will develop through my support.

Fill out my online form.