The women and men I partner with are business owners, C-level executives, entrepreneurs, non-profit founders, artists and musicians – resourceful leaders on missions to make a more beautiful world.

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To be considered for Creative Partnership:

  • You have either created – or are working on creating – a structure that serves people (i.e. a business, charitable organisation, political constituency, artistic following, etc)
  • You are driven by love to create a kinder and more beautiful world
  • You are willing to explore the gap between you who Be and who you Are to create a more aligned, powerful and impactful self

Meet some of the leaders I have recently created with.

This is NOT Advice Consulting

Although I have diverse experience in business and the arts, and despite that these are both passions of mine, our Creative Partnership is not founded on ‘knowledge transfer’ or ‘advice giving’.

Most of the leaders I partner with are far superior experts in the work that they do. My job is not to ‘teach’ you anything. Instead, my job is to serve you in the work of creating yourself as a more empowered and enlightened human being.

Private Partnership

“It’s lonely at the top.”

Typically, private partnerships are with leaders running an established organisation. These leaders are surrounded by people, although their day to day dialogue is mostly asymmetric. They are challenging others more than being challenged themselves.

They listen, but have few opportunities to be listened to.

Instrumentally, our one-to-one partnership provides them with a trusting dynamic for powerful, challenging dialogue and candid, confidential support.

Fees for private partnerships typically range from $75,000 – $150,000 or more depending on location and commitment.

Group Partnership

Group partnerships include six people and occur over a period of one year. Typical partners are established entrepreneurs who find support not only in our work, but also in the comradery of others at a similar stage of creation. 

Group partnership provides a sense of teamwork during what can often feel like a lonely journey.  

At $15,000, it is also the smallest investment for Creative Partnership.

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