How to Be Productive – Output vs Input

[ New Distinctions for Entrepreneurs – Part 7 of 12 ]

Contained within the word ‘productive’ is a clue to how to prioritize your tasks to be most productive. When you really consider it, it’s so simple that it’s almost silly that we don’t always automatically do this.

What I’m referring to is ‘produce’. To ‘produce’ something is to create an output of some sort.

Thus to be most productive, we must prioritize our tasks in order of their output.

Despite this being fairly obvious (once we look at it), we often fail to do this. Instead we tend to prioritize our tasks based on the input. Input would be the action we take to produce the output.

We tend to prioritize based on how long something will take us to do, how easy it is, how comfortable it is, etc. These are all qualities of the input and they have no dependable correlation to the output.

The output however is the impact completing the task will have on moving our project forward.

What impact will completing this task have on creating my end result? 1-10?

Try ranking everything on your to-do list this way. Start with the 10’s. Do them all.

Before going on to the 9’s, ask yourself the above question in regards to all of your existing and new tasks again.

You may even find that by only doing the things that have high output, the low output tasks never need to get done.