How to Hire – Forge vs Filter

[ New Distinctions for Entrepreneurs – Part 6 of 12 ]

Searching for the right person to join your team can be a gruelling task. The basic approach is to put a general job description out there and then filter through all the myriad of applications you get.

Some of your filtering will be comparing to tick boxes based on their education, experience, etc. Much of your filtering though, will be based on a ‘gut sense’ as to whether the person seems they might be a good match or not.

Some of this filtering will happen in reading the applications. More of it will happen in interviews.

Filter, filter, filter and hope that, by luck, you end up with someone good or great.

What if you took a slightly different approach? What if instead of wading through all of the responses to your job description, you figured out what the ‘gut sense’ stuff is that is going on inside you, put it to words and put it right out in front?

What if instead of throwing a big net and hoping to catch someone good, you crafted a job description in such a way that it called out greatness from people? What if what you wrote spoke to the heart of the ideal team member in such a way that when their friends read it, they sent it to them because they could see so clearly it was them?

Even more so, what if your job description was not simply an advertisement cast like a small net into the world aimed at catching that one right person, what if instead it was actually a spell of creation that was cast into the world such that when it contacted the right person, it created them into who you want and need them to be?

What I mean by this is what if your language inspired people to be who you are really looking for?

If you are willing to dream big enough with who you want to work for you – and if you are willing to speak that out into the world – you can create that person.

The distinction here is subtle, but it is an important and powerful distinction. It is the difference between trying to ‘find’ the best person for your team and ‘creating’ the best person for your job.

Trying to ‘find’ the best person is like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Creating the best person has you strides ahead. It saves you time because people filter themselves (more of the ones who your gut would have said ‘no’ to don’t contact you) and it has you invite people to step up to be their best.

If you were to begin forging your next team member instead of trying to ‘find’ them, what would you change in your approach? How would you speak about the position differently? How might you ask for referrals? What possibilities might you speak into the world?