Introduction – Alpha Omega Male 1/4

The idea of being an ‘alpha’ male has never sat totally well with me. Parts of it speak to me – the idea of going first, expressing oneself boldly, etc – but it has also always felt a bit domineering and authoritarian.

In a lecture, Viktor Frankl once said:

“When we compare man to animal, we deprive him of that which makes him distinctly human.”

While I do think it is useful to look at our animal instinctual drivers, by directly correlating the ‘alpha’ role and behavior to humans we miss out on a lot of nuance that makes us unique and which has provided us the evolutionary advantage we have.

The idea of an ‘Alpha Omega Male’ is an integral way of being I have distinguished to solve this problem for myself. It includes a lot of what I would consider ‘alpha’, but also transcends this by also including it’s opposite, which I refer to as ‘omega’.

In this video, the first of four, I explain the general concept. In the following three videos, I will contextualise Alpha Omega Male using examples of being a father, a husband and a business man today.

After you watch this video, do you see a difference between being an ‘alpha male’ and an ‘alpha omega male’?