To work with me, you must have a clear mission you are ready to commit to.

For many years I helped people who were seeking more passion and purpose in life. The focus of my work has since moved on to supporting people in creating what it is they know they would love to be, do and have in life.

However, I have documented and recorded most of the insights I received and shared on this topic.

If you want help with FINDING YOUR PASSION, here is how I can support you:

1. See the 50+ videos (over 5 hours) in my YouTube channel’s Find Your Passion playlist. Through watching these videos, you will come to understand two of my leading maxims: Passion is grown, not discovered. Purpose is created, not found.

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3. Watch this: How to Find Your Passion

4. Watch this: How to Find Your Passion v2.0

5. Do this exercise.

6. If you’re feeling challenged, find a relevant video in this playlist.

7. Remember this:

Fire is Grown

When you have a mission that excites and scares you – and when you are ready to demonstrate your commitment to this mission with action – then do reach out to me. I would love to hear from you. 

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