What if Your Life was an Adventure?

You know that thing you want to be doing, but you are hesitating on really diving into because there is a lot of uncertainty as to whether or not you will succeed in it?

Maybe a new project, starting a business or a entering a new relationship?

Well, I’d like you to consider something for me…

When was the last time you went on an adventure?

Maybe a road trip, a vacation abroad, or even just out on a Sunday drive exploring a part of town you’d never been to before?

When you embarked on that adventure, did you have total certainty about what was going to happen? Or did you have some uncertainty about how things would unfold?

I imagine you had uncertainty.

You see, uncertainty is what makes an adventure, an adventure.

The primary characteristic of adventure is a crossing from the known into the unknown.  In order for something to be an adventure, you need to NOT know what is going to happen.

The moment you know what the outcome will be, the adventure dies.

Now…what if you experienced that new project, business or relationship as an adventure too?

What if, instead of letting the uncertainty be something that stops you – what if you had the uncertainty be the reason why you do it?

What if you did it BECAUSE you didn’t know what was going to happen?

In fact, what if you lived your whole life as an adventure?

What might you create then?

How to Live a Passionate Life

In this talk I explain how to find your passion in life. (Emphasis will make sense when you watch.)

If AFTER you watch this entire video, you still find yourself asking “how do I find my passion”, then please CLICK HERE to learn more.

The audio version (listen or download) is a bit longer, as it includes a Q&A at the end.


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Lastly, here is a FULL TRANSCRIPT of the talk…

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Think Positive (But Only If You Believe It)

No Bullshit

I’ve had a hunch for awhile that positive affirmations could in some cases be destructive. I know it sounds strange, but keep reading…

I use positive affirmations almost daily, usually in short bursts before I’m going to do some activity or need a bit of motivation.

“I can get this done in 5 minutes, so start it now.  I’m awesome.”

“I’m incredibly good at this. They will love it.”

Most of the time I find the little trick very empowering and motivating.  However I have also noticed that in rare situations, positive self talk can result in an onslaught of “but” and “what if” internal dialogue.  Such dialogue is self-defeating and usually shifts my emotional state in a negative direction as well as reinforces my doubt.

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